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How We Work From Design to Plant 

Every garden has its own set of circumstances, so the service is always tailored to the client’s brief. Below is a general outline of what we provide at Melanie Wand Garden Design.

STAGE 1 Initial Free Consultation 

Melanie will visit you in your garden to discuss your thoughts and aims and view the plot, considerations and possibilities. A quotation for the design will then be drawn up, together with a brief description outlining the concept and design for the garden. 
On acceptance in writing, the design process begins.

STAGE 2 Site survey and analysis.

The site is measured up and photographs taken. Changes of levels are noted along with any features, plants or trees that the client wishes to keep. If a tree needs to be removed and this requires council agreement, our contractors will manage the process before works commence.
Aspect, soil, water drainage will all be taken into account. For the most complex sites, a professional surveyor  may be called upon.

STAGE 3 Presentation Plan. (click for pictures)

A scaled and fully coloured plan is presented to the client-the core deliverable and the blueprint for your future garden.
Full payment required on receipt of the plan though we will of course incorporate any client amendments within the confines of the original brief, at no extra cost.
Melanie will arrange for a detailed quotation from her contractors. However we are happy to work with our clients own contractors if they prefer.

STAGE 4 Planting Plans (click for pictures)

On approval of the presentation plan, if the client wishes, Melanie will quote for a planting plan. This details and labels all the plants. It is scaled and shows exact location, quantities and spacing. We will tailor the plan to the client’s brief, but where possible seek to use hardy perennial, sustainable plants, that need limited maintenance. 
Melanie will present the plan bringing it to life through a range of pictures and her detailed knowledge of the plants and their habits.

STAGE 5 Planting –the Finishing Touch

On acceptance of the plan, Melanie will get quotations from her outstanding wholesale nurseries and if accepted by the client will arrange for delivery.
All the plants will be laid out in situ by Melanie herself and then planted by the gardeners or the clients themselves-we know the deep satisfaction of watching what you have planted grow!
As a skilled and highly experience plantswoman, you can be assured that the plan will ensure that once planted the garden will grow beautifully. 
As well as sourcing plants, we source and recommend suppliers of garden buildings, furniture, and water features, to complete your garden.

As a gesture of goodwill, Melanie will often invite prospective clients to view her 1/2 acre plot in Highgate-enabling them to view a wide range of plants and layouts in situ.

STAGE 6 Planting and Advice Scheme

Sometimes, an established garden needs a wake up call!  As an additional service, Melanie provides a 1 hour on-site consultation, with follow up email detailing all plants that need pruning, removing and list of suggested plant replacements. 
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