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Ornamental Herb Garden, South Wales

Brief: to transform a lifeless part of the garden, directly in front of the kitchen window, into an attractive view.

Client Wish List: Herbs yes but lots of colour and hide the neighbouring property.

Solution: An ornamental herb garden was the obvious choice.  The surrounding original wall was too lovely to hide, so I chose pleached beech which emphasised the wall whilst hiding the out lying buildings. In keeping with the early 19th century history of the house, I designed a formal layout with raised beds, using local welsh stone. A central water feature provided the focal point and was in keeping with the herb garden theme. Drawing on a broad palette of leaf and flower colour, shape and texture, I chose plants, which would provide a beautiful outlook for most of the year.

Planting: Lavandula, Armeria, Anthemis, Agastache, Allium, Saxifrage, Origanum. Thymus, Salvia and lots of summer flowering Sweet Peas
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